What is Google Account manager

Is becoming an account manager at Google a good career path

It largely depends on where you would like to be in life and where you are currently. For me, being an Associate in Nursing account manager at Google didn’t end up being a great career, although it was absolutely a call from Associate in Nursing OK and a fun, easy job for five years. I got a decent salary with nice perks, met some long-lasting friends, and learned a lot about how the web, advertising, online businesses, etc. work. I learned several new secret writing skills: I can analyze problems on a web page in the blink of an eye.

Why did I stay so long? working at Google allows Maine to take nightly categories within which I can pursue my true passion.

So why was it NOT a decent decision? Well, I just didn’t want a job with a purpose. Once I understood the basics, it was no longer difficult. There have been virtually a lot of new graduates eager a bit like Maine, all vying for promotions — it’s pretty modus operandi, and I didn’t want to keep playing once the work didn’t feel rewarded. it can be 100 percent similar, don’t victimize yourself. You won’t get two hundred times to calculate anything good or fun that you just saw on Google. You can} issue a sales compensation agreement within which a huge proportion of your pay will depend on the proportion of money you bring in compared to your quarterly goals, which can be excruciatingly stressful. Annual Career Development would get an occasional score on Googlegeist (Annual Worker Satisfaction Survey) because people would be angered by the dearth of exciting career options. Google is a huge company today, and it will be easy to induce loss, especially in the world of AdWords. If you end up on AdWords, you can be one of several account managers. I didn’t add AdWords and I’m glad I didn’t.

Every year, Google became a very uncommunicative company; once i joined i should try the fun the toss comes as wave and golem. however, by the time I left, we tended to have no idea of ​​great products that had not been released to the general public; Also several leaks meant that internal users might now not be allowed to test unreleased products. operating there became less and less fun over time.

Think about what you would like in life and what has a purpose and reward for you. Tech school can be a quick and fascinating area to figure in, no doubt. If you want to spend some time at Google as a coach before taking another position in technical school, for example another role at Google, or an assignment at a startup, then this is a useful learning opportunity. It’s a nice ‘standing in the door’ position. But, on my behalf, the Google account manager position just wasn’t enough — it wasn’t rewarded, I didn’t feel challenged, and I became very, very pissed off at the company over time.

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